Covid-19 Guidelines for small hotels and guesthouses

The Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) put these protocols together after consultation with 23 sub-sector associations and representatives.

“Hotels, lodges, bed and breakfasts, timeshare facilities, resorts and guest houses are allowed full capacity of the available rooms for accommodation, with patrons observing a distance of at least 1.5m from each other when in common spaces”.

We are obliged to take your name and contact details; information with respect to trip details (for tracking post-stay); COVID-19 status and risk profile; and answers to COVID-19 screening questions from all guests staying in properties

We have copied some of the guidelines and have written our own remarks or rules for your guidance.

Social distancing

All guests or visitors should wear cloth or other suitable masks at all times. You don’t have to wear masks in the privacy of an accommodation unit or room, while eating and drinking, or when in connected small travel groups  in open space situations (e.g. family or friends traveling together).

Ensure that the space between any persons in public areas and back of house areas is a minimum of 1.5 metres at all times, with two metres preferred, unless the persons concerned are small groups of connected friends or family travelling or staying together.

In public areas:

The capacities of all public areas, including tables in dining room, public seating areas, terraces and poolside, must be determined and managed to ensure a minimum 1,5 metres distancing is implemented.


  • Sanitise hands on arrival and after touching any surfaces.
  • Appropriate effective disinfectant surface cleaners are used and hand sanitisers and are 70% alcohol.
  • We provide sanitiser for guests through-out public areas to enable them to sanitise their hands on arrival and after touching any surfaces.

We will make sure that doorhandles, keys, light switches, doorbell, tv remote controls, surfaces, and all other often touched materials, will be sanitised daily.

Laundry & Cleaning Rooms

We will make sure to bag your linen in the room and handle with care. Our staff wear gloves and masks when putting the dirty linen into the washing machine.

If you do not want your room to be cleaned (e.g. having staff in your room) please let us know!

In this instant, please let us know if you want your towels to be dried or washed.


All luggage should be disinfected before or after off-loading from vehicles, or on guest arrival and staff handling luggage should sanitise or wash hands immediately before and after touching luggage
If the guest handles their own luggage to move it into or out of, their own vehicle or a separate room/unit/chalet, and it is not entering a shared building or touched by staff, then disinfectant is not required

Covid-19 Symptoms

In the event of a guest showing COVID-19 symptoms and/or has tested positive for COVID-19, follow detailed protocols to handle the situation, ensuring the guest obtains appropriate medical support, and is transferred to, or housed in, isolation or quarantine facilities as required and that other guests or staff who have been in contact with a COVID-19 positive guest are quarantined, and tested where possible.


  • Increased cleaning and sanitisation procedures will be introduced for stay-over and check-out cleans to ensure all surfaces which are touched regularly are sanitised during the clean.
  • Cleaning and linen changes should be reduced in frequency, see above.

Pool area

Please use beach towels on the lounges and easy chairs outside. If you do not have your own, please ask for them at the office. Kindly leave the “creepy” and pipes in the water. We would like to keep the pool clean at all times.

Mini-Bar / Coffee and Tea on buffet.

The Mini-bar stock will be reduced to a minimum. We sanitise the water boiler and coffee & tea buffet regularly.

Government regulations for breakfast and kitchen:

We regret that we cannot provide you with our usual excellent breakfast buffet and have to minimise our menu. Please fill out the slip which you find in your room and order your breakfast the day before breakfast. Kindly hand in the breakfast slip before 4 pm and at the latest before you go for dinner. Thank you for your cooperation!

Spoon/tong self-service buffets are not allowed, and buffets should be discontinued if possible and food should be plated and/or provided in single portions only.
Menus must be replaced with non-touch options or sanitised after each guest use.
Tables must be sanitised before and after each guest use.
Where possible and for instance while taking orders, waiting staff must stand at least a meter from tables.
As much as possible should be removed from tables, e.g., tablecloths, and only essential items such as salt and pepper should remain on tables and be sanitised after each guest
Clearing and cleaning systems must be implemented with designated containers for different items cleared and sealable refuse containers for food waste:

  • To ensure 1,5m spacing, staffing levels may have to be reduced and menu should be simplified to reduce production complexities and therefore number of staff required.
  • Equipment must be sanitised frequently using surface sanitisers (handles, knobs, dials, switches and static equipment) and utensils, pots and pans, and receptacles, should undergo more frequent hot washing.